By David Hagerman

By David Hagerman


Hi, I'm Maggie, a photographer, food stylist and recipe developer based in Austin, Texas.

Born and raised in Beijing and having lived in Japan, traveled around Europe and eventually settled in the US, I have a curiosity towards food around the world and the cultures behind it. I began to use photography as a language to explore and express the beauty and diversity of food.

When I'm not shooting photos for clients, I cook, shoot, and share my exploration of new dishes at Omnivore's Cookbook, a popular Chinese recipe site. I have been running it for over two years and I know what is required to attract an audience. My monthly readership was above 400k in the month of December 2016.

As a start-up myself, I’m striving to provide professional and affordable photography services to brands, to help them establish a delicious online presence.

I keep a tiny studio in Austin, which is filled with tableware. I usually do my own food and prop styling. I use natural light and studio light, depending on the project.

You can see more of my work at my Chinese recipes site - Omnivore’s Cookbook.